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Thanks for taking the time to apply to volunteer at  Westfest.
Please read the VOLUNTEER GUIDELINES and then fill out the form below that.
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Westfest Volunteer Guidelines

Thank you for your interest in being a Westfest Volunteer.  Anyone wanting to be a volunteer will need to fill out the application form on our website. Because of our new ticketing system, even returning volunteers will need to submit the form to be eligible for admission passes and other volunteer benefits earned.

As a volunteer, you will be assigned to a team leader. This can be a Westfest Director or a Lead Volunteer assigned by the Westfest Board. Returning volunteers already know who their lead will be in most cases. New volunteers will be assigned based on where they choose to volunteer.


There are several different types of volunteers:

  1. We have those that do prep work for the festival well in advance of Labor Day Weekend.
  2. We have the setup crew that works a few days before and during the festival.
  3. There are also volunteers that provide shift work such as selling tickets or merchandise.


All volunteers will receive admission passes by email based on certain criteria. That is why it is important that you submit a volunteer application and have a current email address in our system.

If you are a volunteer that falls under the first two options above, you will be receiving a 3-day weekend pass to get into Westfest. This will require you to volunteer a minimum of 8 hours during these times. Fulfillment of this requirement will be determined by your team leader.

If you are a shift volunteer, you will receive an admission pass for the day on which you work. Your shift will be a 4 hour shift on that day as a minimum. 


Because we are non-profit and all proceed benefit our community, we ask that our volunteers adhere to our admission pass policy.  We believe that if you volunteer, you should receive admission to Westfest. However, volunteers who work multiple shifts should not receive additional passes in order to obtain tickets for friends and family. Your friends and family have an opportunity to earn passes by volunteering for Westfest. Remember, income we receive goes back into our community, so we all benefit.


Admission passes and presale tickets will function the same way.  Tickets will be emailed to you. Your ticket will contain a QR Code which will be scanned at the gate. This code can only be scanned one time. If scanned a second time, the QR Code will produce an error.  

If you have a 3-Day pass, you will receive an armband when scanned. This will be a substantial armband that will be good for all three days. You cannot remove the armband until Westfest is over on Sunday.

If you have a single day pass, you will receive an armband which is only good for the day indicated on the ticket.

In previous years, vendors and workers could freely come in and out of the festival grounds until the festival opened. This year, Westfest will open the gates each day at 7 a.m. including Friday morning. You must have your admission pass ready to scan at this time. 

VERY IMPORTANT: If you have a parking windshield sticker, it must be properly attached to the inside of your windshield in order to be valid. In the past, people have held them in their hand and shown them to the parking attendants. This will not be allowed. If it is not properly attached to the windshield using the adhesive on the sticker, you will be directed to paid parking areas. No exceptions.

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NOTE: Once you're assigned a team leader, your team leader will be charged with scheduling your times if required.